BETA MEDIA GROUP is a Creative Agency that offers public relations services to individuals and companies, as well as Events development and planning services. We also do content creation, TV/Film production. We are located in Douala, Cameroon. With our 12 employees, we have achieved a certain level of professionalism and expertise which makes us efficient in what we do. This earned us an Award as Best PR Company for the West Africa Innovation Awards which held on the 29th June 2017 in Abuja, Nigeria.


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Public Relations

Public relations is the effective communication between a company/an individual with the public. It is a strategic process which manages the way the public relates to a company/organization or individual. 

This is done to achieve a mutually beneficial relationship between the public and the organization/company/individual. 

To achieve this effective communication, we cover 3 pertinent aspects: Branding, Media Relations & Advertisement.

Branding: This involves all aspects of image development and consistency.

Media Relations: This involves creating exposure on mainstream media; radio, TV Stations, newspapers, digital media and community management via social media and online platforms.

Advertisement/Publicity: We use above-the-line advertising, below-the-line advertising and everything in between to serve our clients.

Above-the-line publicity:

We develop strategies and create themes for publicity campaigns using the following traditional media to publicize


  1. Billboards 
  2. Radio and TV 
  3. Newspapers and magazines
  4. Mobile caravans

In between Above-the-line and below-the-line publicity:

  1. Using celebrities and influencers to endorse brands and products
  2. Arrange for brands to support local charities or social events in the community
  3. Large scale campaigns on social media

Below-the-line Publicity:

  1. Events
  2. Social media and blogs
  3. Bulk SMS 
  4. Flyers, brochures